Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD

Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD, is a biochemist, immunologist and cell biologist and a widely recognized expert in the field of vitamins and their appropriate use in health maintenance, healthy aging and the prevention and treatment of disease. Respected for her balanced and scientifically-based approach, Aileen is known for her ability to take the latest findings in diet and supplement research and translate them into practical evidence-based guidelines for both lay audiences and health professionals.

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Pills of Vitamin C

Vitamin C provision improves mood in acutely hospitalized patients.

Why was the study done?
Vitamin C and vitamin D insufficiency are very prevalent in hospitalized patients, and both vitamins have been linked to psychological abnormalities, including abnormal mood states. Researchers suspected that supplementation might therefore improve mood in hospital in-patients.


Mayo Clinic finds low blood levels of vitamin D in CLL patients – and links them to cancer progression and mortality

You exercise, you eat well, and feel lucky that you seem fitter and healthier than many of your contemporaries. Then a routine blood test shows an abnormally high white blood cell count. After more tests you get a diagnosis of CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). CLL is a slow-growing form of blood cancer often picked up […]

Ice Cream Scoop

Probiotic ice cream?

Probiotics are currently receiving a lot of attention from the food industry. At the supermarket, probiotics are to be found in yogurt, but are also showing up in orange juice and even cereal. But ice cream? Wouldn’t freezing kill these delicate organisms?

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