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Probiotic ice cream?

Posted on by aileen

Probiotics are currently receiving a lot of attention from the food industry. At the supermarket, probiotics are to be found in yogurt, but are also showing up in orange juice and even cereal. But ice cream? Wouldn’t freezing kill these delicate organisms?

Who knew? Champagne is good for you!

Posted on by aileen

Long known as a celebratory drink or the party drink of the rich and famous, champagne is rarely a daily indulgence.  So, unlike red wine, which in some Mediterranean countries is a regular part of diet, and which has been shown to positively impact heart health, champagne consumption has not up to now been studied to see if it too might have beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease (CVD). A new study from the University of Reading in the UK, and researcher in Reims, France aims to change that.