Healthy Holiday Eating

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s often difficult to navigate the sea of tempting foods that are part and parcel of festive gatherings. From sugary treats to savory snacks laden with salt, bad fats and artificial additives, the impact of these foods extends far beyond that tired and bloated feeling after overindulging, or the extra pounds we might pack on over the next month or so, but also influences brain health. In this issue I focus on the research that shows how regular consumption of ultra-processed and sweet and starchy foods in-creases the likelihood of mood disorders, particularly in teenagers...

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Strong Bones, Protection Against Long COVID

Osteoporosis, a disorder characterized by weakened and fragile bones is one of the most common bone-related health conditions. To maintain strong, fracture resistant bones and prevent osteoporosis we are encouraged to consume calcium rich foods and/or take calcium supplements. However, the story of bone health is much more intricate and the maintenance of healthy bones involves not only calcium but also a complex interplay of many other nutrients.

This issue focuses on the role of vitamin K, and its interaction with vitamin D and calcium in the prevention of osteoporosis.

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Weight and Health, Alternatives to Ozempic

Struggling with weight is a challenge that many of us can relate to. The desire to shed those extra pounds, improve our health, and enhance our overall well-being often leads us down various paths in search of effective solutions, some of them healthy, some of them risky and almost all of them difficult to sustain.

In this issue of The New Nutrition Newsletter I focus on the latest hot topic in the world of weight control – ground-breaking medications like Ozempic that have emerged as potential game-changers in the battle against obesity. What are they? How do they work, and can we mimic their effect naturally, using diet rather than drugs?

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The Dark Side of Dark Leafy Greens

Over recent years we have learned that a high intake of fruits and vegetables – higher than the 5-a-day we have previously been urged to eat – is critical for both physical and mental health.

The main health benefits of plants are derived from their phytochemical content – naturally occurring compounds that give fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices their colour, aroma and flavour. These compounds are not essential for life, like vitamins and minerals, but do have amazing health benefits. A diet rich in phytochemicals plays a major role in the prevention and reduction of most chronic diseases, from heart disease, to cancer, dementia, diabetes and many others...

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Challenging Times

At the start of this year I could never have imagined the challenges we are now facing. Although alarms were being sounded about the situation in China, we could not have dreamed how rapidly the virus we now call COVID 19 would spread, or the disruption to daily life it would bring.

It is my hope that the supplement regimes I have my clients develop, as well as the ongoing nutritional education I have tried to pass on for the last 20 years, will now bear fruit and help you and your families stay strong in these anxious times.

Needless to say, our office has been inundated with many questions regarding any additional advice I could offer that would benefit immunity and give an extra edge in the battle against COVID-19. This newsletter is my attempt to pull together my best current advice and to answer some of those questions...

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