Nutritional Consulting

Aileen Burford-Mason’s practice as an orthomolecular or biochemical nutrition consultant is deeply informed by her experience as an immunologist and cell biologist, and as a researcher in the fields of digestive diseases and cancer. Her company, DRS Consulting, provides consultation service in nutrition to individuals, companies and other organizations. She believes:

  • That optimal nutrition is fundamental to good health
  • That without a thoughtful approach to diet we are unable to withstand stress, or maintain optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • That each individual is unique in their nutritional requirements, and that it is through understanding those unique needs that we achieve optimum health and healing.

For more information, please call: 416-923-5991 – Email:

  • EXISTING CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: For questions related to your nutritional regimen, please do not use voice mail to leave long messages requiring in-depth answers.
    For quick “Yes or No” questions, please state your question briefly and clearly by telephone (416-923-5991 x 221)
    Everything else requires a consultation, which can be scheduled by leaving a message on extension 227 or email