“Thank you for demystifying the science about what our bodies need to be healthy. Your presentation was clear and very informative.”

Robin Garrett, Vice-President Member Services and Communications Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers of Canada

“It was an absolute pleasure to hear you speak at the Kid’s Nutrition Conference in Toronto. The content of your presentation was excellent and the delivery unmatched. I look forward to hearing you speak again in the future.”

Lori Buscher, Nutrition Educator, Dairy Farmers of Canada

“Her extensive knowledge ensures Aileen is highly regarded by media and considered to be an extremely credible spokesperson. She has the ability to effectively communicate in an authoritative and comprehensive manner, and has motivated many Canadians to explore orthomolecular (nutritional) medicine for themselves.”

Jo Langham, Vice President, Apex Public Relations

“Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason’s ability to impart evidence-based knowledge about nutrition and to inspire physicians and others to be excited about it is at the heart of the success of her course, Nutrition for Docs: Using Nutritional Supplements in Clinical Practice. The attendance at these courses has been gratifying and the evaluations, excellent.”

Dr. Linda Rapson MD, Chair, Complementary Medicine Section of the Ontario Medical Association & President, Ontario Society Society of Physicians for Complementary Medicine.